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International Seasonal Schools



TSU Seasonal Schools, organized since 2010, are delivered in the format courses from one to four weeks in length, running in Winter and Summer periods. They are geared towards international student audience and provide a wide range of academic experiences along with ample opportunities to expand a network of friends.


Our Seasonal Schools combine a wide range of courses with a diverse cultural program that lets participants delve into Georgian culture. Courses offered by TSU faculty are focused on location-specific topics, thus allowing the participants to enhance their understanding of our part of the world.


Courses offered in late Summer/early Fall 2020


Faculty of Humanities


  1. Ancient History and Archaeology of Georgia - Prof. Vakhtang Licheli
  2. Ethnography of Georgia - Prof. Ketevan Khutsishvili     
  3. Ethnography of the Caucasus - Prof. Ketevan Khutsishvili  
  4. Anthropology of Post-Socialist Societies and Tolerance and Diversity - Prof. Ketevan Khutsishvili     


Faculty of Social and Political Sciences


  1. Politics of the South Caucasus States after the Dissolution of the USSR - Prof. Pikria Asanishvili 
  2. National Identity in the South Caucasus Countries and Relations with the European Union - Prof. Pikria Aanishvili
  3. International Organizations in the South Caucasus - Prof. Pikria Asanishvili 
  4. Regional European Neighborhood Policy - Prof. Mikheil Shavtvaladze 
  5. Regional Conflicts and Security in the South Caucasus - Prof. Mikheil Shavtvaladze