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The Honorary Doctorate





An honorary doctorate is an intention to acknowledge a private person or a public figure who shares the ideals of TSU and has contributed to the advancement of science, culture or society through continuous achievement of national or international significance.


A written nomination for TSU Doctor Honoris Causa is solicited to the Academic Council by an academic or an administrative unit of TSU. When deliberating the case of the selection of an honoree, the Academic Council acts in compliance with the Statute of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University [adopted on 11-09-2013, decree №135/ნ].


In awarding the Degree of Doctor Honoris Causa TSU seeks to accomplish several purposes: It celebrates an outstanding professional, intellectual or scholarly success as well as leadership of the nominee. It appreciates the impact made by a nominee’s contributions to society, the state, and the University. Our Honorary Doctorates dignify TSU’s achievements, values and priorities.


Tbilisi State University has awarded over 150 honorary degrees since its foundation in 1918.


Recent recipients are listed below.