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Recognition of credits accumulated through exchange program abroad


After completion of the exchange program at TSU partner university (a foreign accredited higher education institution), TSU exchange student should go through the following procedure for the recognition of the accumulated credits:

  • Upon completion of the exchange program, TSU partner university issues a transcript of records to the student, participating in the exchange program. This document is sent to the student via international mail or electronically.
  • Upon receipt of the transcript of records, the student must apply in a written form to the Dean of the home Faculty at TSU with a request to restore the student's status and recognize the credits accumulated in the foreign HEI. The student should attach to the application a transcript of records, which must be translated into Georgian and attested by a notary.
  • In parallel to applying to the Dean of the Home Faculty, the student should apply to the LEPL “National Center for Education Accreditation" for recognition of educational documents issued abroad.


Recognition of education received abroad


Detailed information:


Resolution N: 25/2024 (Annex 1) - Regarding the approval of the rules for recognition and calculation of credits at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


The rule for recognition of credits accumulated within the framework of higher education program during the period studying abroad (105/2012)