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International – Goals and Achievements


Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) is the first national university in Georgia and the first higher education institution in the South Caucasus region. It laid the ground for formal education in the country, created the local intellectual workforce and paved the way for human development and democracy. For over 100 years TSU has granted degrees to men and women and promoted the ideals of equality, justice and progress.


The University was founded on February 08, 1918, as a comprehensive European-style higher education institution. Majority of its 12 founders had received higher education in the European countries and brought their knowledge, experience and contacts to TSU, thus establishing the Georgian higher education system on truly Western values. Being a national university, TSU has always delivered schooling in Georgian language making it the only institution of higher education to do so in the former Russian empire. The Centennial Anniversary of Tbilisi State University, celebrated nationwide, was an event organized under the auspices of UNESCO.


TSU is proud to own history as an internationally focused university. Our first institutional international partnership dates back to early 1960s, while regular exchange mobilities started in the early 1970s. Since then, TSU has always focused on internationalization as one of the key directions of advancement. Today, internationalization goals of TSU are embedded in the TSU Strategic Development Plan (SDP) 2018–2024, adopted by the Academic Council of the University in February, 2018. Many of the directions and goals set out in the SDP are aimed at substantially improving TSU’s positions internationally in order to continue contributing to international academic debate.


We believe that in the global higher education landscape TSU’s strengths lie in international engagement and commitment to the advancement of transnational education and research.


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