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Prof. George Defoulas Trainings about Aspects of Online Education

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Quality Assurance Service systematically plans and implements training, seminars or workshops customized to the needs of the staff with the participation of professors and experts from leading universities in Europe and the United States.


Currently, Tbilisi State University is hosting a series of online workshops for staff - online teaching pedagogy, assessment methods and strategies. Meetings are led by Professor of Middlesex University, (London), George Defoulas. The following issues are discussed during the training: strategies for conducting online learning interactively, practical examples, strategies for delivering effective feedback during online learning, selection of evaluation components, ensuring academic integrity is observed by students during the assessment, online learning etiquette protection issues. During the training, the staff was introduced to various electronic platforms or assistive devices that will simplify the teaching and assessment process and help improve the quality of the process.


Three meetings have been held so far the training cycle will end on 23 October.