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Institutional foreign language test for TSU students participating in International Credit Mobility and Bilateral Exchange Programs (B2 Level)


The exam test is prepared in accordance with the requirements of the B2 level international language exams. However, due to the linguistic peculiarities of a particular foreign language, the tests include types of assignments provided by the format of the relevant international foreign language exams.

  • The foreign language test is conducted in writing and the following three skills are being evaluated:
  1. Reading comprehension;
  2. Use of language (grammar and vocabulary structures); 
  3. Writing.
  • The maximum score of the test is 100 points   
  • The minimum passing score is 71 points.

Test description:

The test consists of three parts and includes the following types of tasks:

Part I -  The section „Reading and Comprehension of the Text“ includes three unknown texts (in case of Italian and Spanish languages - 2 texts). Each text is followed by a set of exercises.

Part II - The section “Use of Language” includes tasks that require the test taker:

  1. To put the given (suitable) words in the missing places of the text (multiple choices);  
  2. To put the suitable vocabulary and grammar elements in the missing places of the text;
  3. Word formation;
  4. Transformation of sentences


Part III -  In the section “Writing” the test taker should write an essay on a topic mentioned in the test. The essay should contain a minimum of 150 and a maximum of 180 words.


Assignments with linguistic features of a particular foreign language                       

  • Mark the correct/incorrect answer in the attached text assignments;
  • Suggest titles for paragraphs;
  • Understand the different content embedded in sentences that are similar in terms of form;
  • Understand the meaning of phraseologies and idiomatic expressions (multiple choice).