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The current call is announced for TSU PhD level students to win an intensive German language scholarship organized by the University of Trier (Germany)!



!!! Physical mobility will depend on the epidemiological situation in Georgia and Germany, as well as on entry and stay regulations in the host country.




PhD level students of Tbilisi State University can participate in the competition.


Scholarship amount: 1200 Euros

Course fee: 670 Euros

Accommodation (in a single room): 320 Euros

Mobility Period: 1-28 August 2022


Detailed information about the course can be found here.



Scholarship Selection Process:

  1. Checking the electronic application and relevant documentation (Tbilisi State University)
  2. Interview with Candidates Selection Commission (Tbilisi State University)
  3. Final Selection / Scholarship Award (Host University)


List of application documentation

  1. Copy of identity document issues by official authorities /passport (scanned PDF version); 
  2. CV in Europass format (in English);
  3. Certificate of enrollment (issued in English, scanned PDF version);
  4. Extract of current assessments according to the educational disciplines passed by the applicant, with reference to the GPA (issued in English, scanned PDF version);
  5. PDF version of MA degree of Diploma;
  6. Master's Degree Supplement with GPA Indication in English;
  7. Official certificate / document confirming the status of disabilities(if available, scanned PDF version);
  8. Recommendation in English (on the electronic registration portal ( you must enter the data of your recommender in the recommender field. A link is instantly sent to the recommender by e-mail, where he/she fills in the recommendation online);
  9. Cover letter in English not more than 1 page; Technical characteristics: Font - Times New Roman, font size - 12, line spacing - 0, fields - 2 cm. (Cover letter must be written in the language of instruction of the program for which the applicant is applying (PDF version);



in applying for this course should register on the electronic registration portal for exchange and mobility program management upload the full list of application documentation (in PDF format) and submit the application electronically by 14:00 on May 27 this year!

  • Unable to modify submitted application and / or upload document (s).
  • It is not possible to send an application without filling in and sending the recommendation by the recommender. Therefore, it is important for the recommender to be properly informed about the application submission deadline.



Additional important information:


a) Electronic registration portal  

Please note that the mobility management portal

  • Does not register applications after the expiration of the above deadline (May 27 at 14:00);
  • Does not register an incomplete application package;
  • The application form is considered electronically submitted only after pressing the send button!
  • Upon successful submission of the application documentation, the applicant will receive the relevant email notification
  • It is not possible to change the submitted application in full or in part;
  • The time and date of the interviews will be sent individually to all applicants by e-mail indicated on the portal
  • Applicants will be interviewed remotely! 


b) Finances and restrictions related to Covid-19

Please note that:

  • Exercising physical mobility may involve adhering to administrative rules and regulations related to entry into the host country, such as possession of a full Covid-19 vaccination certificate, PCR testing (single or multiple), quarantine stay, travel, health and accident insurance, and more. Which is related to financial costs and time resources. All such expenses must be reimbursed by the student participating in the mobility.


C) The basis for organizing the competition and the selection procedure


User guide for on the electronic registration portal for exchange and mobility program management.


For additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at