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TSU Statement

Tbilisi State University respects the principle of freedom of expression and has always been and will continue to be open to dialogue with students in any working format; however, the University distances itself from any acts of violence and attempts to disrupt the working process. The University calls on its students and other persons who are currently seeking to take exams online to apply constructive forms of protest.

The TSU Administration took into consideration the socio-economic status of students and offered them two additional alternative locations – Kutaisi and Akhaltsikhe - for final exams.

At this point, 0.6% of students are registered in Kutaisi and 0.2% - in Akhaltsikhe. The registration deadline for those willing to take exams in the regions has been extended by decision of the TSU Administration and the process will end on June 1, at 17:00 pm. There are still dozens of free spaces in the TSU dormitory.