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TSU Rector Congratulates Students on New Academic Year

Academician Jaba Samushia, Rector of TSU, congratulated about 3,000 professors and more than 25,000 students of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University on the beginning of the new academic year. “I am glad that every year more and more interesting, educated and self-confident young people come to the university. Our country needs such people who can learn, discuss and develop. Every graduate, every professor, every representative of the administration is committed to creating conditions for our students that will allow them to make their studies more meaningful and student life more interesting,” said Jaba Samushia.


The Rector of TSU and the deans of all seven faculties met with more than 6,200 first-year students enrolled through the unified national exams. Faculty deans and lecturers informed the students about educational programs, projects, practices, international partners and exchange programs. Rector Jaba Samushia spoke to the first-year students about the university’s history, values, and mission. He focused on the infrastructure projects that have already been implemented at the university and those that will be launched in the near future.


There are 240 accredited programs at all three levels of education in seven faculties of TSU, including programs with international accreditation. For the first time in Georgia, only the educational programs of TSU have received international accreditation: in 2020, two programs - Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering (ABET), in 2021, the first in Georgia and the region, the educational programs of the International School of Economics (ISET) of Tbilisi State University (FIBAA), and the TSU-Speyer Joint Master’s Program in Public Administration (FIBAA) have been re-accredited, which means that graduates of these TSU programs will receive an internationally recognized diploma that will be competitive in any country.


Tbilisi State University starts the new academic year with a renewed infrastructure: the outdoor areas of the educational buildings have been arranged, the inventory of auditoriums in several educational buildings has been updated, the spaces for students and professors have been arranged in the corridors and halls of the educational buildings.