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TSU Center Geoanalytics among TOP 100 Analytical Centers and Companies in 2020

TSU analytical and technological center Geoanalytics (Aleksandre Tvalchrelidze Caucasus Institute of Mineral Resources) has been listed among the nominees of TOP 100 (Achievements 2020) analytical centers and companies by the European Quality Project (Oxford UK). 
Professionalism, creativity, innovative activity, eco-friendly production, national, regional and international certificates, licenses, patents – these are the criteria based on which the European Quality Project Expert Commission picked TSU Geoanalytics out of thousands of European companies and analytical centers. The competition is held annually to identify and promote the best regional companies and institutions, as well as to contribute to the development of national economics, business, culture, science and education. 
“The Expert Commission learned about Geoanalytics from open sources. This recognition means that TSU analytical center’s prestige, popularity and competitiveness will further increase and it will attract more customers. Moreover, it will help us purchase new devices and equipment. Our activities meet all modern requirements from scientific point of view, as well as in terms of proposals and performed work,” says Director of Aleksandre Tvalchrelidze Caucasus Institute of Mineral Resources, Doctor of Science in Geology and Mineralogy, Academician at Georgian Engineering Academy, Revaz Kvatashidze. 
Geoanalytics was founded in 2009 under the analysis and physical labs. Its main activities include: 
Determination of micro and macro nutrients in soils, salts, their alloys, components of beekeeping products and construction materials;
Phase analysis of rocks, ores and non-mineral resources, products of their technological processing, mineral raw materials and copper, manganese, iron, lead, zinc ores, as well as gold.
According to Revaz Kvatashidze, the Center also works on environmental issues, studying natural minerals of Georgia in order to clean water and soil from certain harmful substances.  
The TSU analytical center is also interested in ecochemical assessment of pollution on the territories adjacent to the railway tracks. 
“At this stage, the main project of the group is the testing of bentonite clay samples submitted by Askangel Group Ltd., based on which the bentonite clay ore reserves will be approved by the State Commission of Mineral Reserves. The Center prioritizes on high quality of the work done as well as its reliability that largely determines an increased number of customers. Public agencies, private persons, local and foreign businessmen – they all are satisfied with the services provided by the Center,” Revaz Kvatashidze notes. 
International customer satisfaction is reflected in other achievements by the Center: upon their recommendation, Geoanalytics was publicly awarded by British-Spanish joint company BID with a Golden Crown in November 2009 for its successful activities. Further, in October 2010, the Houston-based World Confederation of Businesses awarded TSU Institute of Mineral Resources and Geoanalytics with the prize BIZZ 2010 for the best management.  
Geoanalytics is expecting one more achievement this year. It has already gone through the assessment for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017/2018 and will be granted accreditation soon.  
“The scope of accreditation of our group in 2015-2019 was defined in two directions: physical-mechanical testing of cement and physical-mechanical testing of dry construction mixtures. In 2020-2023 we will add physical-mechanical testing of sand and gravel. Our bentonite clay testing team (supervisor Academic Doctor of Engineering Nestan Gegia) receives, registers and transfers for analysis all samples. Presently, Geoanalytics is led by Academic Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Gulnara Todradze,” Revaz Kvatashidze said. 
TSU Institute of Mineral Resources was founded in 1929 by Aleksandre Tvalchrelidze. The Institute’s research is based on the achievements of basic sciences and has an applied nature. The main purpose of the Institute is to achieve economic development in the country. 
During its existence, the Institute has obtained rich factual materials about various types of useful fossils spread in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and the North Caucasus, including non-ferrous, rare and precious metals, geology of non-metallic (chemical raw materials, building materials, paving stones, and agronomic minerals) and raw materials, their chemical composition and processing technologies. 
TSU specialists are actively involved in the process of geological-geophysical study of the largest facility in the Islamic Republic of Iran - Miverud deposit and the development of relevant recommendations. Based on the exploration of gold ores in the same field, a large mining plant is presently under construction. 
The institute is preparing for joint research with one of the largest state-owned scientific centers in the United States. TSU scientists are collaborating with the Czech Republic, Israel and Turkey.