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Solidarity to Ukraine!

On this tragic day for the entire civilized world, the academic community of Tbilisi State University stands with Ukraine, strongly condemns Russian invasion, which replicates the occupation of Georgian territories in 2008. We wish our Ukrainian friends victory in protecting their independence and freedom! We pray for the safety of students and our colleagues in Ukraine.




TSU Aid for Ukrainian Citizens!

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University offers various types of assistance to Ukrainian citizens staying in Georgia:

• Ukrainian students, studying at TSU and staying in Georgia, will be offered free accommodation at the student dormitory; in addition, they will receive scholarships during the spring semester of the 2021-2022 academic year;

• Those Ukrainian students, who arrived in Georgia on vacation and failed to return to their homeland due to the hostilities in Ukraine, will also receive assistance. They will also be offered free accommodation at the TSU dormitory;

• Ukrainian citizens staying in Georgia will be able to join TSU’s short-term certification courses free of charge;

• We offer psychological assistance to all Ukrainian citizens that will be provided by highly qualified specialists.



TSU Statement

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, since its foundation and throughout its centennial history, has made a significant contribution to the formation and dissemination of common European values. As a higher education institution, we always adhere to our key mission of promoting liberty, which is based on research and education, innovation, democracy, fundamental rights, inclusion, equality, the rule of law, security and the pursuit of a peaceful future. Our alumni speak to our success by creating a fabric within our society that makes a significant contribution to shaping the common European future of our country.

Georgia is facing a historical momentum these days. A decision of great significance on granting the status of the EU candidacy will be made in a few days. Russia’s unwarranted and unprovoked war against Ukraine demonstrated once again that the threat to a free world is real and it is growing steadily. Georgia went through a devastating Russian aggression several years ago which made it crystal clear to us that securing peace, freedom and prosperity in Europe and the world can only be achieved through a coordinated action of allies and partners.  We believe that Georgia deserves to be considered for the EU candidacy in a trio with Ukraine and Moldova.

A long tradition of our well-established cooperation gives us hope that the European Higher Education community will show its solidarity to Georgia. We believe that yet another wave of your support will contribute to our dignified return to the European family to which we belong and where we shall be able to build our common, successful future with fellow Europeans.