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Meeting with Successful PhD Students

“The success of Georgian science depends on your success. TSU will support you in every possible way, because you are the main pillar of the university together with our professors. Science and student life will have a huge perspective. Together with you and our great team, we will change the university for the better,” Jaba Samushia, Acting Rector of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University told the successful PhD students. The Acting Rector met with the PhD students who won the competition announced by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation and obtained research grants.

35 out of 98 winning projects (35.7% of winning projects) were submitted by PhD students of TSU in 2022. The purpose of the competition is to identify talented young researchers and to promote the compliance of their doctoral research with modern international standards; to provide proper environment for scientific research; to promote collaboration between PhD students and foreign higher educational and research institutions that will, in turn, help raise the quality of higher education in Georgia.

“My doctoral topic is about the contemporary history of Georgia, the 1992-2003 parliamentary elections in Georgia. The project involves the study of elections at a scientific level, the history of political parties, election campaigns and international reactions. The support expressed by the Acting Rector of TSU is very important and additionally motivates me,” TSU doctoral student, Gigi Gioshvili said.

PhD student Shorena Murusidze also noted the interest of the university and the attention towards student activities: “I completed my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree at TSU, and I am now studying for a doctorate at TSU. I have been working on the topic “Georgian political emigration during the Cold War” for years. The topic is interesting because emigration has not been studied from this point of view. I am researching the American documents, which have been classified for a long time. I think the results of the research will be interesting.”

“My doctoral topic is about toponymy in the Georgian versions of the Bible. Such events are encouraging for students and help establish healthy communication. The Acting Rector expressed his readiness to support doctoral students. I feel a great responsibility and, I think, the support from the university will greatly contribute to my success,” TSU doctoral student Giorgi Kitoshvili said.

Scientific articles of successful PhD students will be published in international peer-reviewed journals.