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Meeting of Jaba Samushia with Students

Acting Rector of Tbilisi State University, Jaba Samushia briefed TSU students on his plans to run in the Rector’s election scheduled for December 27.  

“Why am I coming and what am I going to do at the university? From the age of 13 - from the School of Young Historians till now - my life is linked to Tbilisi State University: I was a student, laboratory assistant, assistant professor, associate professor and for more than 10 years I have been a full professor. Therefore, I am aware of TSU’s achievements and challenges. I believe that together we will create new opportunities and make our university more successful,” Jaba Samushia addressed the students and presented the main issues of his action plan if elected as rector.

At the meeting, Jaba Samushia talked about what kind of university he wants to see. He stressed the importance of professors equipped with modern knowledge and skills, smooth infrastructure, as well as updated and available textbooks. The Acting Rector noted that from the next semester, the educational buildings will be equipped with new technologies, infrastructure will be adjusted, and more student spaces will be arranged. At the same time, all programs should be provided with modern textbooks, professors and students should acquire new knowledge, for which they should be actively involved in international exchange programs.  

“We, the students, were the first to be informed that Jaba Samushia intends to run in the Rector’s election. He spoke about the issues he did during his tenure as Acting Rector. At the meeting, we, the students, asked him questions and heard what he is going to do if elected as rector,” TSU student Ninutsa Tskhakaia said.  

By the end of the meeting, Acting Rector Jaba Samushia answered students’ questions about student spaces, laboratories, exchange programs, examination center, textbooks and other relevant topics.