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Five Possible Scenarios Discussed to Build Student Dormitory

On June 22, Rector of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, George Sharvashidze, Head of Administration Lasha Saghinadze and representatives of the administration held a working meeting with students to discuss the issue of student dormitory. Nunu Mitskevich, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, and Maia Shukhoshvili, Head of Higher Education Development Division, were invited to the meeting.

“We agreed during the previous meeting to create a platform according to the topics under discussion. This time, we held a meeting regarding the dormitory; we had a very constructive conversation with students. We worked on five possible scenarios for the construction of a dormitory available to students, how the process can be carried out to resolve this issue in a timely manner,” Lasha Saghinadze, the head of administration, said. He also noted that the scenarios considered include all possible options, including the construction of a dormitory on the land owned by TSU with the help of the state and in cooperation with other universities; attracting an investor to implement the project; construction of a dormitory by the state; construction of a new dormitory by replacing the Bagebi dormitory; also, rehabilitation of the existing dormitory in Bagebi, which is associated with high expenses and does not increase available space.

Meetings in working format with the participation of relevant public agencies will continue within the next two months. According to Saghinadze, meetings with students will be held this week on other topical issues, such as budget transparency, changes in the rule of electing the rector, etc. Working groups will be formed in each area, where students will be able to discuss current topics and participate in the process of implementing relevant changes.