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March 21-22 - Open Day at TSU!

Mark March 21-22 in your calendar, the Open Day at TSU!

You will learn interesting information at the event! In addition to the information meeting, you will have the opportunity to visit learning and student spaces, laboratories, and get interesting information about opportunities and challenges.

Choose a tour that interests you and register!  




Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences - March 21 (Thursday) 12:00 p.m.


  1. Undergraduate educational programs
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physics
  4. Chemistry
  5. Biology
  6. Computer science
  7. Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology
  8. Geography
  9. Geology
  10. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  11. Ecology
  12. Combined admission: a) Computer Science, b) Computer Science (French-Georgian), c) Mathematics, d) Physics, e) Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  13. Computer Science (English)
  14. Computer Science (French-Georgian)
  15. Chemistry (English)
  16. Combined admission: a) Chemistry, b) Biology
  17. Combined admission: a) Geography, b) Geology


During the tour, you will be able to visit the TSU Planetarium, Observatory, Chemistry Labs and hear interesting stories about the programs.

Meeting place - Tbilisi, I. Chavchavadze Ave. N3, 2nd Building of TSU




Faculty of Law - March 21 (Thursday) - 13:00


Undergraduate educational programs


  1. Law
  2. International Law
  3. European Studies


You will be able to visit a mock courtroom and receive information about the learning process, internships and employment. TSU professor’s lecture.

Meeting place - Tbilisi, I. Chavchavadze Ave. N1, 1st Building of TSU, auditorium N06




Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences - March 21 (Thursday) 14:00


Undergraduate educational programs



  1. Psychology
  2. Integrated Bachelor's-Master’s Degree Program for Teachers of Primary Education
  3. Multilingual Education - Integrated Bachelor’s-Master's Degree Program for Teachers of Primary Education
  4. Occupational therapy


Find the answers to the questions you are interested in, participate in experiments, learn about studies, practice and employment in educational programs of the Faculty.


Meeting place - Tbilisi, I. Chavchavadze Ave. N11, 3rd Building of TSU, auditorium N304




Faculty of Economics and Business - March 21 (Thursday) 16:00


Undergraduate educational programs



  1. Economics
  2. Business Administration
  3. Tourism
  4. International School of Economics (ISET) bachelor’s degree program - Economics (English language)


Visit the Bloomberg Lab, receive information about educational programs, internships, employment, and services offered by the University.

Meeting place - Tbilisi, University Street N2, 10th (Maglivi) Building of TSU



Faculty of Social and Political Sciences - March 22 (Friday) 11:00


Undergraduate educational programs


  1. Combined admission: a) Sociology, b) Social Work
  2. Socio-Political and Tourism Geography of the World
  3. Political Science
  4. International Relations
  5. Journalism
  6. Journalism and Mass Communication (Russian language)


Learn about the programs offered at the Faculty, visit the TSU Multimedia Center, get acquainted with the educational and practical components.

Meeting place: Tbilisi, I. Chavchavadze Ave. N1, 1st Building of TSU, Library




Faculty of Medicine, March 22 (Friday) 13:00


Undergraduate educational programs


  1. Medicine
  2. Medicine (English)
  3. Dentistry


Learn about the learning process, medical practice, internships in leading clinics, visit the TSU Clinical Skills Center and Dental Clinic.

Meeting place - Tbilisi, Beliashvili st. 78 (Digomi district), Institute of Morphology of TSU




Faculty of Humanities, 13:30


Undergraduate educational programs


  1. Georgian Philology
  2. History
  3. Archaeology
  4. Philosophy
  5. Combined admission: a) Ethnology, b) History, c) Arabic Studies, d) Iranian Studies, e) Turkology, f) Hebrew Studies, g) Armenology, h) Assyriology, i) Far East. Japanese Studies, j) Far East. Sinology, l) Georgian Philology, m) English Philology, n) German Philology, o) French Philology, p) Spanish Studies, h) Italian Studies, r) Classical Philology, s) Byzantine Philology, t) New Greek Philology, u) Russian Philology (Georgian), f) Scandinavian Philology
  6. Art Studies
  7. Visual Art
  8. Cultural Studies
  9. American Studies
  10. Caucasology
  11. Caucasology (Russian)
  12. Russian Philology (Russian)

    Georgian Language Preparation Educational Program for Azerbaijani/Armenian/Abkhaz/Ossetian speaking persons (1+4 program)


If you are interested in the programs offered by the Faculty of Humanities, the learning process, the practical component, then this tour is for you! At the event, you will learn about all the opportunities that the faculty offers you. As part of the tour, you can visit the TSU Archaeology Museum and learn about all the programs offered by the Faculty of Humanities.

Meeting place: 1st Building of TSU, 2nd floor, Museum.

See the link for the registration.