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LEPL - Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Vocational education programs


Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University is the first national university in the Caucasus to establish a European-style high school in Georgia, taking into account Georgian educational traditions.


Vocational education programs at TSU have been implemented since 2007, when higher vocational education programs were introduced and implemented in Georgia. Over the years, vocational education programs have been implemented at various faculties of Tbilisi State University.


Since 2015, TSU has started implementing modular vocational education programs based on the Framework Document, which have been developed based on the curriculum planning and development methodology, analysis of labor market and employee survey. These programs were added within the framework of the introduction and promotion of modular programs with the direct support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.


From June 2019, the administration of vocational education programs was taken over by the new supporting educational unit of the University “TSU Center of Vocational Education”, which was entrusted with the implementation of all vocational education programs operating at TSU.


TSU Center of Vocational Education operates in Tbilisi (address: University St. N2) and Kutaisi (Address: Nikea 2nd Lane N 8).


TSU implements 11 vocational education programs at current time:


Kindergarten nursing teacher (Tbilisi)

Kindergarten nursing teacher (Kutaisi)

Customs study (Tbilisi)

Customs study (Kutaisi)

Appraiser (Tbilisi)

Appraiser (Kutaisi)

Librarian (Tbilisi)

Cultural Heritage Guide of Georgia (Tbilisi)

Tour Operator (Tbilisi)

Office work (Kutaisi)

Freight Logistics (Kutaisi)


In the summer of 2020, 10 new authorized vocational programs were added by TSU at both locations:


Accounting (Tbilisi)

Accounting (Kutaisi)

Finance Services (Tbilisi)

Finance Services (Kutaisi)

Event Management (Tbilisi)

Event Management (Kutaisi)

Preschool education (Tbilisi)

Preschool education (Kutaisi)

Office Work (Tbilisi)

Library Work (Kutaisi)


All vocational programs at TSU are 100% funded by the state


The infrastructure of both locations of the TSU Center of Vocational Education has been fully rehabilitated and the teaching-learning process is underway with the involvement of highly qualified teachers in the field.


For additional information call: T-2 25 04 84.