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TSU has up to 400 institutional partners, among them universities and research centers, in 56 countries;

In 2015-2021, 364 projects with the participation of TSU were financed through Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program; in 2020-2022, 107 projects were financed through a partnership with more than 100 universities of 29 European countries.

TSU is a leader in the South Caucasus region and Georgia in 2015-2021 by the number of students and staff who studied at European Universities and raised their qualifications there. More than 2,500 mobility projects involving students and academic personnel from TSU and partner European universities were carried out during that period.

TSU is collaborating with 26 universities of 10 Asian countries;

TSU annually participates in Asia Science Camp in various Asian countries (Japan, Singapore, Israel, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.);

TSU offers 24 foreign-language programs – BA, MA, PhD and one-step educational programs, including internationally accredited BA programs in Public Administration and Chemistry; ABET-accredited BA programs in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Computer Science; 

900 foreign nationals from 50 countries, including more than 100 international students received annually through Erasmus+ International Mobility and bilateral exchange programs are currently studying at TSU.