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“Seven Steps for Comprehending the European Union”

A presentation of a publication “Seven Steps for Comprehending the European Union” developed jointly by Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) and a Regional Office of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) was held at TSU on October 25. Rector of TSU, George Sharvashidze, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Nunu Mitskevich, Head of the EPLO Regional Office, Ioseb Nanobashvili, foreign diplomats, professors and students attended the event.

“’Seven Steps for Comprehending the European Union’ is a very good description of what path Georgia should choose to keep its promise and become a member of the European Union. It is the product jointly developed by EPLO and Tbilisi State University and we will continue to cooperate actively in the future as well,” Rector Sharvashidze said.

The publication gives necessary knowledge about the European Union to comprehend it as a unique international subject, to understand its institutional arrangement and decision-making mechanism, as well as the trajectory of the EU membership. The publication discusses the relations between the EU and its European neighbors from the perspective of the associated countries, also compares the EU integration processes in Eastern Partnership and Western Balkan countries, gives specific recommendations to the associated countries about practical steps necessary for joining the EU enlargement process. Moreover, the publication describes the distribution of legislative and administrative powers between the EU and its member states and clarifies the role of the EU institutions in this process.   

“The present publication is the first product created by the Regional Office of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) and it is important not only for the university community, students and staff, but also for the civil sector. The publication will help us raise awareness, develop better analytical skills and assess the situation in which our country stays today,” Deputy Minister Nunu Mitskevich said.

“This is a textbook tailored to the interests and challenges of our Eastern partners and specific members. It is useful not only for students, but also for civil servants and academic, vocational or social groups,” Head of the EPLO Regional Office, Ioseb Nanobashvili noted.

A Regional Office of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) was opened in Georgia based on a joint decision between the Government of Georgia, EPLO and TSU and it aims at creating an educational and research component promoting Georgia’s integration into the European community. The Regional Office will serve as a format for conducting research and training with the involvement of European experts, scientists and practitioners, where educational programs will be developed, including for public agencies, considering the needs and challenges related to the European integration process. Scientists, researchers and practitioners from the Eastern Partnership Initiative, as well as EU candidate countries will actively participate in the working process.

Georgia joined EPLO in 2010. An agreement on opening a regional office entered into force on August 13, 2020 to promote strengthening of European values as well as to introduce the principles of European public law and the best practices of public administration in Georgia.