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Jaba Samushia Awards TSU scientists as Part of World Science Day


The Rector of Tbilisi State University, Academician Jaba Samushia, within the framework of the World Science Day, awarded the scientists of TSU research institutes with the University Medal for their fruitful scientific work. On the initiative of the Rector, the awarded scientists will also receive a monetary award from the University.

At the event, Rector Jaba Samushia spoke about the role of science in the development of the country and the world, the merits of scientists from TSU research institutes to science, successful research conducted by them, participation in international research projects, as well as the challenges facing research institutes today.

“The country stands on science and education. The country cannot proceed or develop without science. That is why this direction is a priority for any successful state, and that is why we try to support scientists as much as possible. We are already on the doorstep of Europe, and the achievements of our scientists should give us a clear niche in the European family,” said Jaba Samushia. According to him, people who create modern science work in 16 research institutes of Tbilisi State University. The Rector also noted that the state and the university should support them to make the status of a scientist more prestigious, to ensure that research institutes contribute more to the creation of a modern education and science system.

Associate Professor Natalia Chinchaladze, Senior Research Fellow at TSU’s Ilia Vekua Research Institute of Applied Mathematics, thanked the university for recognizing and rewarding scientists. “I am glad that the World Science Day is celebrated in Georgia. It is hard to be in science, but if science had not developed, we would probably have remained stuck in caves. Science requires a lot of work, you need to know the achievements of the world, constantly update your knowledge, but if you work hard, you will be appreciated. All awards are an incentive to do more and go further,” said Natalia Chinchaladze.

The following scientists were awarded the University Medal for their fruitful scientific work: Manana Kakabadze (Alexandre Natishvili Institute of Morphology); Giorgi Todria (Tinatin Tsereteli Institute of State and Law); Teimuraz Kordzakhia (Petre Melikishvili Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry); Omar Dzagnidze (Andria Razmadze Institute of Mathematics); David Gogol (Rafiel Agladze Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry); Rusudan Cholokashvili (Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature); Otar Varazanashvili (Mikheil Nodia Institute of Geophysics): Jamlet Monaselidze (Elephter Andronikashvili Institute of Physics; Vakhtang Burduli (Paata Gugushvili Institute of Economics); Natalia Chinchaladze (Ilia Vekua Research Institute of Applied Mathematics); Guliko Liparteliani (Vakhushti Bagrationi Institute of Geography); Izolda Kamushadze (Alexander Tvalchrelidze Institute of Mineral Resources); Izolda (Iza) Chantladze (Arnold Chikobava Institute of Linguistics); Tsiala Ioseliani (Nodar Amaglobeli Institute of High Energy Physics); Giorgi Beridze (Alexander Janelidze Institute of Geology); Gia Gelashvili (Ivane Javakhishvili Institute of History and Ethnology).

The awards ceremony was held as part of the World Science Day, which has been celebrated annually since 2001 under the auspices of UNESCO.