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Memorandum Signed with German Company to Promote Student Internship and Employment


Academician Jaba Samushia, Rector of Tbilisi State University, and Johann Brunner, Director of the German company BayWa CS Georgia, signed a memorandum of cooperation to promote internships and employment of students.

The memorandum provides for support of students in finding opportunities for internships, practice, employment and development of professional skills, creation of personnel reserve and dissemination of information about its services.

Through an agreement with TSU’s educational program directors, BayWa CS Georgia will offer at least 15 students the opportunity to undergo practical courses if they meet the criteria established by the company.

Rector Jaba Samushia thanked the representative of the company for promoting the professional development of students. “I believe that cooperation with your company will be an interesting project. Our students will have an opportunity not only to deepen their practical knowledge, but also to be employed in desired positions,” Jaba Samushia noted.

As part of the cooperation, students will undergo practice in the positions offered by the employer. They will have access to information on career development; additionally, they will have active communication with the future employer to discuss job openings.

According to Johann Brunner, Director of the German company BayWa CS Georgia, it is important for the company to attract international and young personnel. He noted that the German company has 450 employees working in a modern, digital environment. Under the memorandum, TSU students will also be able to share this experience, learn the principles of teamwork, which will be useful for their future career development, Johann Brunner added.

BayWa, an innovative organization of world standards, is a hundred-year-old German company whose main activities are energy, agriculture, and construction. Starting from April 2023, the company offers Georgian students a one-year paid internship in finance at six BayWa branches: Augsburg, Munich, Fürth, Passau, Schweinfurt and Nabburg.

Those interested in participating in the internship program should meet the following criteria: knowledge of the German language at least at the B2+ level; current student of finance, economics, or business administration (BA, MA, Ph.D.) or a person who has graduated no more than two years ago.