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Rector Presents New Project to Freshmen

A new project for the first-year students of Tbilisi State University has been launched, within the framework of which the students will get acquainted with the history of the University and the services offered by TSU. Within the framework of the project, the Rector of TSU, Academician Jaba Samushia met with different classes of students and gave them a tour around the 1st building of the university.

During the meeting with the students, the Rector focused on the goals and values of the University. He spoke extensively about international exchange programs, scholarships, student projects and all the opportunities that students will receive from the university.

“You are students of the largest and most famous university in the Caucasus, the university that created Georgia of the 20th century. All the great scientists who created Georgian scientific thinking and whose names we can remember are connected with TSU. We wish you the most valuable years at the university. Remember that you are university students, love TSU, get a quality education and create the future of our country,” Rector Samushia addressed the students.

As part of the meeting, the Rector took the students on a tour of the University’s museums, library, auditoriums, and Pantheon.