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For the Attention of the First Semester Students

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) congratulates all first semester students on becoming TSU students!


It is mandatory for first semester students to:

Submit documents to the appropriate faculty to open a personal case;

Sign a contract;

Fill out the electronic form (the form will be activated on September 4);

Undergo administrative registration;

Undergo academic registration.

To fill in the electronic form, please read the instructions!


The electronic form will take you to, where you will need to enter your username and password. In the first step, both the username and password are your personal identification number. When you enter the portal, you will be asked to change your password, because the password provided is one-time.

Once you have completed this step, a form will open for you to fill out, and it is important that you enter the information correctly.

Registration deadlines for the fall semester of the 2023-2024 academic year:

Administrative registration (tuition payment) and signing of the contract - September 4-12;

It is necessary to submit the contract and other documents no later than September 12 at 18:00;

Academic registration (selection of learning courses) - September 14-18.

List of documents to be submitted for the opening of a personal case:

(Rector’s order N190/01-01, 11.08.2023)

Notarized copy of the document (certificate) confirming the completion of general education;

Copy of identity card/passport (together with the original);

Two photographs (3x4), electronic version on CD;

A copy of the document confirming military registration (for male students);

A copy of the document certifying the recognition of the education received abroad (if any).


To open a personal case and sign a contract, you should contact the appropriate faculty at the indicated address:


Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences - Address: Tbilisi, University Str. No. 13, TSU Building XI (Biologists’ building), room No. 305, tel. (+995 32) 2 25 04 84 (int. 9234); contact person: Nino Tkeshelashvili, tel: 577213048.

Faculty of Humanities - Address: Tbilisi, I. Chavchavadze Ave. No. 1, TSU, Building I, 2nd floor, right wing, tel.: (+995 32) 2 25 04 84 (int. 1734)

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences - Address.: Tbilisi, I. Chavchavadze Ave. No. 8, TSU, Building VI, room No. 201. Tel.: (+995 32) 2 25 04 84 (int. 6222; 6223; 6226; 6234; 6237).

Faculty of Economics and Business - Address: Tbilisi, University Str., No. 2, Maglivi Building, 1st floor, room No. 101; N109, tel.: (+995 32) 2 25 04 84; internal (9740; 9741).

Undergraduate educational program “Tourism” - Address: Tbilisi, Vazha-Pshavela Ave. No. 44; II floor, room No. 207; Tel.: (+995 32) 2 25 04 84 (int. - 8521; 8535); contact person: Maka Lomidze, Tel.: 599 70 49 60.

International School of Economics (ISET) BA Program in Economics (English language) - Address: M. Zandukeli N16. Tel: 2507177.

Faculty of Law - Address: Tbilisi, I. Chavchavadze Ave. No. 3, TSU, Building II, room N111 Tel.: (+995 32) 2 25 04 84 (int. 2220).

Faculty of Medicine - Address: Tbilisi, Beliashvili № 78, A. Natishvili Institute of Morphology, 3rd floor, room N329. Tel.: (+995 32) 2 25 04 84 (int. 1921), contact person: Tsiala Giorgadze, Tel.: 595 929 385.

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences - Address: Tbilisi, I. Chavchavadze Ave. No. 11, TSU, Building III, room No. 206, Tel.: (+995 32) 2 25 04 84 (int. - 3220; 3223).

Georgian Language Preparation Educational Program - Address: Tbilisi, Ketevan Tsamebuli Avenue N55, TSU, Building VII, room N 201, Tel.: (+995 32) 2 25 04 84 (int. - 1734).


Administrative registration for first semester students:

The first semester student must pay the full semester tuition by the deadline for administrative registration (September 4-12).

A first semester student who has not received a grant must pay half of the full tuition fee of GEL 1125, or GEL 337.50 for a 70% grant and GEL 562.50 for a 50% grant.  

The tuition fees can be paid with the personal number of the first semester student, in the Bank of Georgia, TBC Bank and Liberty Bank (at the operator, through Pay Box or Mobile Bank). Administrative registration is a prerequisite for academic registration.

Failure to pay semester tuition will result in suspension of student status.

In place of a minor candidate, his/her legal representative (parent) is authorized to sign the contract with TSU upon presentation of the student candidate’s birth certificate and parent’s ID card.

After passing the administrative registration and signing the contract, you will be able to choose learning courses (pass the academic registration). The deadline for academic registration is September 14-18.

Deadlines for the learning process of the 2023-2024 academic year (order N163/01-01; 20.07.2023)

In case of any obstacle/difficulty in the registration process, please, contact the relevant faculty.