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TSU Increases Academic Personnel


Tbilisi State University is planning to expand its academic personnel. The Rector of TSU, Academician Jaba Samushia, has initiated competitions for the academic position of assistant to be announced this semester. As a result, TSU will have approximately 200 assistants in the new academic year.


According to the Law of Georgia on Higher Education, an assistant is a person occupying an academic position at a higher education institution who conducts seminars and performs research activities under the supervision of a Professor, an Associate Professor, or an Assistant Professor during studies at main educational units. A doctoral student may be elected to the position of an Assistant for a three- or four-year term.


As per the recommendations of the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement, including international experts, the invited lecturers will be invited to compete for the academic position of an assistant in all faculties of TSU to ensure sustainable development of the university’s academic process.


A commission has been established at the university to develop competition conditions and procedures.


This initiative aims to enhance the quality of the educational process, increase the motivation of assistants, and regulate the issue of their affiliation.