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The history of the Faculty of Humanities dates back to 1918 and the opening of the Georgian University. The Facultywas re-established in 2005 in its current form, integrating the former Faculties of Philosophy, Philology, Oriental Studies, History, Western European Languages and Literatures, Arts and Humanities.

The mission of the Faculty of Humanities is to create a tolerant and competitive learning and research environment; to introduce intellectual, civic, cultural and moral values;and to integrate research results and modern teaching methods into the university space.A key task of the Faculty of Humanities is to support fundamental and applied research and continuously improve the educational process while promoting freedom of ideas as well as creative and analytical thinking. At the same time the Faculty believes in thepreservation and transmission of traditions, yet is open to innovations, modern challenges andthe fulfillment of the current needs of society in transformation.A priority of the Faculty of Humanities is to develop scientific studyin the Humanities along with research-based educational activities.