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Faculty of Medicine

Medical education in Georgia was established at TSU in 1918 with the establishment of the first Faculty of Medicine in Georgia. In 1919 the Faculty of Medicine was founded as an independent faculty, and at the end of the academic year of 1929-1930 it ceased the operation at the University. Admission of students to the medical program has resumed since 1994 year. Educational programme Medicine was accredited in 2011 and the first admission of international students was announced.


According to the Round University Ranking, Tbilisi State University ranks 452nd place among the world universities in the field of medicine (Copper League category) in 2020. This category includes the evaluation of the Faculty of Medicine with the following four main components: Indicators of teaching, research, international diversity and financial sustainability. According to the teaching criteria, TSU Faculty of Medicine is ranked in the 327th place in the world university ranking (silver category). According to the research component, it ranks 524th  and international diversity – 205th place (silver category). Also, according to the financial sustainability Faculty of Medicine ranks 320th (bronze category). Source


The mission of the TSU Faculty of Medicine is to educate medical professionals and researchers whose efforts are aimed, on the one hand, at improving the national health system and promoting the development of a healthy environment essential for the well-being and harmonized progress of society, and on the other hand, for the development of international medical-scientific thoughts.


The aim of the TSU Faculty of Medicine is to be established as a center of medical education and science developed in accordance with international standards and to be a leader within the country and an institution with a growing scientific and educational reputation at the international level - having the modern educational programs of all three levels, material-technical infrastructure and clinical centers, academic staff and graduates with international authority, and the scientific researches of world-wide recognition.

Documentary series "With the Origins of Medical Education"

Medical Education at the University

This book can be purchased in the TSU bookstore (Chavchavadze Avenue N1).

See the electronic version of the fragment of this book.


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