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Public lecture series on International Aviation Liability Law

On 12- 16.10.20 the International Law Institute hosted public lecture series by Honorable Professor E.Giemulla on International Aviation Liability Law .
Prof. Dr. Jur. Elmar Giemulla specializes in aviation policy, law and administration for about 40 years. He is professor of aviation law at Berlin University, at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a regular public speaker at other institutions and conferences. Prof. Elmar Giemulla has widely published number of books on international, European and German aviation law. He organizes and moderates’ conferences on aviation related issues and renders legal opinions on different aspects of aviation law.
Professor Elmar Giemulla has been extensively involved in government consultancies for drafting Civil Aviation Acts and Civil Aviation Regulations, reshaping or re-establishing Civil Aviation Administrations against the background of liberalizing air transport.
 Professor Giemulla’s most recent involvements include human rights representation of the families of the German victims of airplane MH17  before the European Court of  Human Rights.
Online lecture series discussed following topics:
Introduction to International Aviation Liability Law;
The Concorde Crash on 25 July 2000;
The Midair-Collision above Lake Constance on 1 July 2002 (Bashkirian Airlines);
The Downing of MH17 Above The Eastern Ukraine On 17 July 2014;
 The Boeing MAX737 Affair.
 More than 40 students attended lectures. Participants of the whole course were awarded certificates of attendance.

The online lecture cycle was initiated and organized by the International Law Institute.