Music Therapy at TSU

The development of music therapy begins in Georgia with practical exercises of musical communication offered by Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Practical exercises in music therapy involve establishment of musical communication between a person facing problems and a therapist. 
Prof. Dr. Susanne Metzner of Augsburg University visited Tbilisi State University to contribute to the development of music therapy. She delivered a public lecture on the role of music therapy in human life. During three days, she will lead practical exercises in music therapy jointly with field expert, Marina Altunashvili. 
Dean of the TSU Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Tamar Gagoshidze stressed the important role of music therapy in assisting people to address various problems, noting that interest towards this field is gradually increasing in Georgia. “There are cases, when you simply cannot find any words to express what you feel. During music therapy, you express your feelings with the help of music. What is especially strange, you are not required to have any knowledge; you play musical instruments as you can and establish communication this way,” Tamar Gagoshidze said. She also noted that practical exercises held at TSU will promote the establishment of music therapy in academic space as well as the development of this field in the country. 
20 specialists working with children, adults or people with various problems will attend practical exercises and familiarize themselves with the principles of music therapy in practice. Both individual and group exercises will be offered. 
Prof. Dr. Susanne Metzner of Augsburg University said that it is important for her to share her experience with all interested persons. “I am interested in Georgia and Tbilisi; moreover, the work with Tamar Gagoshidze and Marina Altunashvili is very interesting. They are trying to create a music course and I am sharing my experience in this endeavor,” she added. 
The group will work at Tbilisi State University during three days and share its experience with all interested persons. 
Music therapy is one of the fields of psychotherapy aimed to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals.

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