TSU Rector’s Statement

Rector of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, George Sharvashidze denies false accusations voiced against him recently as a deliberate campaign against the University, noting that recent developments aim at discrediting TSU. “The cornerstone of the University’s development is its reputation. When you attack the Rector of the University, it is not a personal attack. It is an attack on the University,” George Sharvashidze said at a press conference.

Sharvashidze also noted that he did not plan to respond to the allegations in this format, but still he decided to make an explanation to prevent damage to the reputation of students, professors, Tbilisi State University.  

“When I was going to become TSU Rector, I knew well that I was going to the first university. I am sure that TSU will remain the leading university not only in Georgia, but throughout the region, no matter what attitudes its well-wishers or enemies will have,” the Rector said. He also noted that TSU is a success story according to all parameters that measure success or failure, be it international ratings, number of students, quality of education, mixed and joint programs, international accredited programs and so on.

Among TSU’s achievements, Rector Sharvashidze named the increased number of students (by 45%) over the past three years; also 40% increase in the university’s budget; implemented and planned infrastructure projects.

“Although a lot of problems remain unresolved, TSU is a champion throughout the region. The course pursued by us is very firm and clear and this is the course towards success,” he added.


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